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Protect your family and loved ones with Life Insurance. Life insurance pays a tax free benefit when the insured person passes away, and that benefit pays to whomever they designate as the beneficiary of the policy. Life insurance is personal, and we can help you customize a solution for you and your family.

Affordable Coverage

Life insurance is far more affordable than people think.  Term life insurance is the least expensive option and a majority of our customers choose to go with a term plan to keep the monthly cost down.  Permanent life insurance is more costly than term coverage because it will protect the family for a longer amount of time and later into life. Regardless of the coverage you want to add to your portfolio, we will help you find the right plan to fit your budget.

Simplified Issue Plans (No Blood/Urine Screenings)

Simplified Issue life insurance plans plans simplify and shorten the process to getting life insurance coverage because the insured person is not required to give blood or urine to get coverage.  Surprisingly, these term insurance plans are not more expensive than a standard term plan which requires the insured to undergo blood and urine screenings.

Term Life (10-30 Year Terms)

Term life insurance is the least expensive life insurance plan to purchase. These plans will cover the insured person for the duration of the “term” they choose. Plans will range from 10, 15, 20 and up to 30 years of coverage. Within a 20-year term plan, at the end of the 20th year, the policy expires and the insured is no longer covered without replacing coverage.

Whole Life, Universal Life and Indexed Universal Life (Permanent Life Insurance)

Permanent life insurance plans all offer coverage that will protect the insured person and their beneficiaries indefinitely.  Permanent life insurance policies are designed to pay the death benefit even if the person lives into their 90’s and beyond; hence the phrase permanent insurance.  There are a number of factors that come into play when determining which permanent plan might be right for you.

Permanent life insurance policies accumulate a “cash value” which can serve a number of purposes.  The cash value accumulated can pay the monthly insurance premium as the insured person gets older, or can be used for retirement income.  Further, there are a number of tax advantages attached to permanent life insurance. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more.

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If you have questions or would like to talk to a licensed and experienced agent about what kind of plan is right for you, please contact us directly or visit our office.  We will discuss what you are looking for specifically and then we will do all the work processing the application and helping you finalize the process.  Up front, life insurance feels difficult, expensive and challenging to acquire. We are here to show you that the process is simple, affordable and achievable, so that your family is protected.

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