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Do Your Friends and Family Know about the Health Insurance Tax Penalty?

We are in full Open Enrollment swing right now, each day helping Orange County residents sign up or change their health insurance plans. Remember that Open Enrollment is the only time of year that you can make changes to your insurance plan without having a qualifying event, like having a baby, getting married, or changing…

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5 Things You Need to Know About Open Enrollment for 2020

Open Enrollment for the 2020 coverage year is upon us! Here’s everything you need to know. #1 – For Most People, This is Your Only Chance to Sign Up or Change Your Coverage Unless you experience a qualifying event throughout the year (change in employment, marital status, new baby, etc.), then Open Enrollment is your…

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New Covered CA for 2020: the Return of the Individual Mandate and Tax Penalties

In addition to changing the income eligibility and rates for Covered California plans, California lawmakers have brought back the individual mandate for the upcoming 2020 coverage year. That means that California residents will once again be required to carry health insurance in 2020, or face a penalty when filing their taxes. Does this apply to…

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New Covered CA for 2020: Changes in Eligibility, Plans and Rates

In addition to bringing back the individual mandate and tax penalties, California lawmakers have revised the income eligibility and rates for Covered California plans for 2020. California will be the first state to provide subsidies to middle-income residents who previously would not have qualified, and low-income residents will receive additional savings compared to previous years.…

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Health industry to clash over surprise medical bills

Pretty much everyone agrees that healthcare is too expensive! (One of the reasons we don’t charge for our services, by the way.) But worse yet is when you receive a bill you weren’t expecting from a doctor or hospital. That’s why some lawmakers in Washington are pushing for “bundled payments” so that patients know what…

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