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New Covered CA for 2020: Changes in Eligibility, Plans and Rates

In addition to bringing back the individual mandate and tax penalties, California lawmakers have revised the income eligibility and rates for Covered California plans for 2020. California will be the first state to provide subsidies to middle-income residents who previously would not have qualified, and low-income residents will receive additional savings compared to previous years.

Who will qualify?

  • An estimated 235,000 middle-income residents who previously did not qualify will be eligible to receive an average of $172 per household per month, saving an average of 23% off current premiums.
  • An estimated 633,000 Covered California enrollees who already receive federal help will be eligible for an additional $15 per household per month, an average of 5% savings on their premiums.
  • An estimated 23,000 Covered California enrollees whose annual household income falls below $17,237 for individuals and $35,535 for a family of four will see their premiums for the benchmark plan lowered to $1 per member per month.

What impact will this have?

These changes are expected to help thousands of Californians get insurance that they can afford. This will lead to lower premiums across the board, even for those who do not receive federal or state subsidies.

When can I shop 2020 plans?

We will be able to help you compare and select a new plan for 2020 starting October 1, 2019.